Channie Greenberg
and Jane Hulstrunk

Jane Hulstrunk

Channie Greenberg

Generations of Morning Glories: Dialoging a Changing Mother/Daughter Relationship


Quick maturity, in motherhood, allows for twining habit, also, attractive blooms,

As well as for a tolerance of rigorous circumstances. Morning glory’s vast tessitura

Remains despite her fragility of flowers, the total rapidity with which she perishes.


“Hold my hand and smile at me,

Sip the vial of life with me,

Be my friend a time with me,

Please stay around a while.”


Much energy gets consumed teaching kids to selectively invest, to choose wisely,

To mindfully hold to established strictures. Whereas constraints often well serve sons,

Plus daughters, during difficult occasions, offspring protest that boundaries chafe, stymie.


“I will make it to the top! I’ve no deterrents, no reason to stop!

I’ll extend to the big times! I’m one with purpose, soul, energy, rhyme!

Stand back world! I’m ablaze! I leap here, there, everywhere, especially from home!

See my peak, my apex, my superlative point, my heightened place, my incomparable zone!”


Convolvulaceae helps regulate temperature; their development forms needed insulation.

Yet, according to the Victorian language of flowers, such plants symbolize “love in vain.”

Witnessing a child’s differentiation, no matter how awkward, brings loss, besides pride.


“Suddenly, the world blurs in sunbeams’ waves. A spangled ceiling coronates me.

If I win, I have to be the champion, the one who claims victory.

Though, when sky high, if I fall, that death must be recorded as mine.

Good-bye leaf. So long tree. Mommy dear, set me free.”


Interestingly, the seeds of many species of morning glory contain ergoline alkaloids, i.e.

LSD-like compounds. Parenting has never been as altruistic as reported in the media.

No matter mothers’ or daughters’ relative awareness, shedding bits is less than innocent.


“I sparred, hurt, fledged, advanced. My heart’s thicket

Came to discern ‘worldly crises’ from domestic messes.

Whereas external validation remains important, I returned;

I grew up, fully morning glory.”

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  1. Posted September 24, 2012 at 7:14 am | #

    I am left nearly wordless in awe of this collaboration. All I can say is that the image and the words speak to my soul and I greatly appreciate the direction Channie took interpreting Jane’s gorgeous image. This is the reason SPARK is vital.