Brian MacDonald and Nina Simon


Brian MacDonald


Nina Simon
Inspiration piece

Ladies of the Night

You were no lady
just an abandoned kid
from the back streets of Glasgow
while I never knew starvation
nor lacked a mother’s love.

Yet when we met,
both of us felt the connection,
sisters in world of strangers
who didn’t understand.

You called me your brain
because I remembered appointments and facts
while you showed me the hidden side
of streets at night
as we danced till dawn
riding high on clouds of dope
or sitting in your kitchen
emptying bottles of wine
talking about our conquests
the night before.

It was dangerous but safe
and I never thought it would change…

I went to your old flat
stood peering through the window
calling your name
but no answer came through empty rooms
only the echoed hum of memories
through smashed glass.

As I walked back down the littered stairs.
heels reverberating
on worn-down concrete
I can’t help wondering
if, on lonely days
when sweaty dregs of alcohol and curry
pervade the air,
you ever miss me too.


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    Ooh I like these works.