Nicholas Clark and Marcela Horness

Marcela Horness
Inspiration piece

Nicholas Clark
Response piece
our arms sway earnestly like candle flames
we pine for PEZ, sticky Kraft singles, pizza flavoured Pringles
we croak like frogs, slump into frumpy backpacks
fidget with wisps of grass and licorice, cracked plastic shovels
eat sandwiches in the neighbor's backyard
home is our bedroom, we say, our old fashioned headboard

we spill ramen on couch cushions. pick raspberries
we read of radiation, craters, freight engines, the Hubble telescope
we write journal entries. do the crabwalk. get angry. talk like adults
pull up deep brown clods of dirt with dripping roots
wrestle in rustling leaves, flop like fish. we are unstoppable
we are unpredictable. we say, home is where we're happy

we whipser in church, in the the back of granddaddy's funeral
we spot the big dipper. we lie awake, hallucinating in the dark
we draw horned animals and cross sections of our future homes
we watch cartoons and eat ice cream from a mug
we hum and whistle, run and dance and sing. we try to be good
we scream like we matter, even though we don't

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