Cecilia Reid Driscoll
and Brian MacDonald

Brian MacDonald
Inspiration piece


By Cecilia Reid Driscoll


Where are you

in the quotidian gold?

A pattern of dreams and acts

has brought you here.


Adjacent angles,

curves conjoined,

overlapping shadows.

Scattered leaves.


You used to wander.

Now you pause.  And search

together and alone

for the best available answers.


You used to fly.

But what weightless place

could be better than where you are?


You settle

where the sun warms your back.


You settle

where your friends are.


And anyplace you gather

is a gift, a golden moment.

You take what you can get.


Take a measure.

Take what you need

to keep on going.



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  1. Posted December 14, 2012 at 2:06 am | #

    HI Cecilia. You writing is wonderful Keep it up, from your younger sister.