Kathleen Finn Jordan
and Nicholas Clark

Nicholas Clark
Inspiration piece


His face
By Kathleen Finn Jordan

The eyes lure me in like a fisherman

Eyes on the line in the sea as the face emerges from the depths

Strong, fierce, etched with lines of experience

The nose long and full where has it breathed the air

What fragrance, stink, sweat, maltemi has it sniffed, snorted, sneezed

In a lifetime of sea faring, hunting, working in a mine, treading after sheep

Perhaps traveling to a city or fighting in the hills

The shadows reflecting moods as the light and sun pass into dusk and shadow cluing us to mood and character and forbearance.

Is he smiling or is it a cynical expression of sarcasm or a philosophical jest at the Nonsense he experiences

if he is of a serious bent

And so it seems to me

He is not a nebulous character, not happy go lucky but serious purposeful

and yes, these lines seem to indicate

Deeply compassionate

His moustache, van dyke, speak to traditions deeply etched and his teeth

Uneven, sharp edged speak of hardship, coarse bread and yellowed one end

perhaps from a cob pipe

Or a bit of tobacco shared with friends in a café stop

After hours of hard work

He seems solitary and yet a person I would like to meet

Listen to his stories and hear the tales of his life.

I sense a question rather than an answer in his face

A dream rather than a plan in his eyes

A quest not yet fulfilled in the set of his jaw

And a lack of certainty in the set of his head

That lures me in like a fisherman

sitting in a small boat ebbing and flowing

In the music of the water reflecting the endless screen of the sky.



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