Lisa Kilhefner and Gary Hewitt

Lisa Kilhefner

Response Piece


Gary Hewitt

The Longest Journey

Inspiration Piece

The beast was built by Japanese Gods. The machine would fly if there were room for wings. The bike dared Alan to take her for a ride.

He leapt onto the seat and turned the key. The bike banished the garage’s silence. He enjoyed the vibration between his legs and released the brake.

Alan fought to control his charge through slender country lanes. Alan’s black leather armour offered small protection from the driving rain.

He wondered how Sarah was. Sarah was a far more sensuous journey. He accelerated, eager to reach her house.

Three men could not believe a Jackdaw would dare trespass on their road. The last time they battled Bernie the Hustler had been fallen. 

Bernie had been with the Bolts for a year. He earned his nickname from his prowess on the pool table. Bernie was well loved by his fellow Bolts. A Jackdaw called Spider battered their friend with a monkey wrench. The police never bothered with an investigation.

‘Heads up boys, take him down.’

Rhino organised three Bolts to form a chrome barrier. Alan cursed. He heard about the trouble back in April. He had no part of the action for he was with alone with Sarah. Everyone knew Spider was off his head. Alan wasn’t surprised when he heard what happened.

Raven told Alan six of them had to drag him off Bernie. All Spider worried about was his bloodied leathers. Alan was relieved when his friends told Spider to leave.
The Bolts waited for Alan to stop or spin around. Alan did neither. He barged through a small gap between the front and second bike. One of the Bolts dived for cover.
Alan glanced in his mirrors and saw two chasing him at great speed. He had two miles to get them off his rear wheel. He eased off for the hairpin before accelerating at the crown of the bend oblivious of the rain from half an hour earlier.
His bike careered into the barrier. Alan tumbled over the precipice. He fell, the bike smashing into him half way down the embankment. He came to a halt and fell into unconsciousness.

Alan prised his eyes open. He wondered how long he’d been sleeping. He felt no pain. He couldn’t understand for the fall was over thirty feet. Alan clambered onto his feet and gazed at his bike. The machine lay to one side with no damage except a few scratches. He thanked the Japanese for their build quality. 

Alan glanced upwards. The barrier was shattered and no-one waited for him. He blipped the throttle. The bike roared. Alan swore the sound was louder than before. He revved the engine hard and scrambled up the bank first time. He glanced into his mirror and saw darkness. He couldn’t wait to see Sarah.

Lily struggled to find comfort with the Cortina. Peter lay on top of her with his hot breath shooting into her ear. She heard a distant rumble.

‘What the hell is that?’ she asked. 

‘It’s me babes, now shush.’

Peter fondled. Lily brushed him off.

‘There it is again. Get your hands off and have a look.’

‘I aint got no clothes on Lil.’

‘Well you’ll have to get dressed then won’t you dopey.’

Lily was adamant. Peter tossed on a shirt and his underpants. His body transformed into an armour of goosebumps when he trod onto tarmac.

He heard nothing. He prepared to return when he caught two lights in the distance glowing like drunk fireflies. The sound of night thunder lumbered towards the car. 

A chrome phantom floated towards him. Peter’s fleshy legs backed onto the car and he felt himself freeze.

He glanced inside. Lily had redressed and pointed at the road. The bike had parked by the end of their lay-by and the rider dismounted.

The rider was garbed in black apart from two yellow flashes on the side of his helmet. He ignored Peter.

Peter inhaled and prepared for a row. He stepped forward. The biker stopped and removed his helmet. 

Peter struggled to breathe. The face of the creature was jawless and began to speak.

‘Where are you, Sarah?’

Peter swore the sound came from within his own head. He could not meet the gaze of the fell rider. He sprinted away from the Cortina and did not look back. 

The rider ripped open the door and dragged Lily onto the road. The biker slung her protesting body onto his shoulder and clambered onto the bike.

‘Sarah, at last I’ve found you. I’ll never lose you again.’

Lily screamed. The man once called Alan ignored her. He revved his bike and looked forward to a much delayed sensual journey. 



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