Nikolas Lotze and Jane Hulstrunk

Jane Hulstrunk
Inspiration piece

Sinew & Granite 
Nikolas Lotze

Reflections distorted by
refraction’s kept away
and cold by granite stature
only existing in varying degrees
of a stranger’s actuality,
using moth to extinguish flame;
lest we try either way
to stand on water,
where all encompassing dark belay.

Existence is fickle
and this persisting view
exists in that we’ve settled
before we attempted a run through;
letting colours get away
with being mixed together
with minute amounts of grey,
or otherwise escape.

Dulling our senses until
we fail to see what should be seen,
it’s them that we’re stretching thin,
like exerting strength pushing back a past,
wearing down on every sinew.

In our introductions,
yesterday left unchecked
presents the next day,
already starting in a passed,
past neglect until one
of us screams we’re sick
of living this way so
we’ll not wait until fate
adds water to our dried up clay,
we’ll shape what we may,
like come whatever in this way
and in the wall we’ll carve
a recessed shape
in which we’ll place a placard that’ll say:

“Child, take every risk
and slip if you wake alone each day,
disregard any past regrets
and set aside time
to keep your candle from
burning on two ends,
even if it’s lighting your path into the fray;
get a grip when you slip,
steady your thoughts lest
they break away to fall and ricochet.”


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