Joanne Durham and Erika Schnatz

Erika Schnatz 3jungle

Inspiration piece


The Hunt  

Joanne Durham



What should I teach you, my child

about the hunter and the hunted?

A sport, you need

a license, a gun, a designated

hunting grounds, to pile

the deer on your truck, stuff

the birds in a bag


A game, boot up,

shoot at a glass screen,

how many tigers fall

at your aim?

No deep throaty wail of death,

no squirm

of the last burst of life

through wounded flesh


Nature doing

what nature does,

Predators and prey dancing

a delicate duet, a rhythm

that always depends

on destruction


Do I leave you

with loaded questions

about the hunter and the hunted:

Are we each one

or the other?

Does it matter?

Can you change it?

Should you try?


Watch out for

trigger-happy fingers

firing instant answers

piercing your mind

like buckshot


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