Jules Rolfe and KJ Hannah Greenberg

Jules Rolfe
On Wings, Petals, & Toes


Pregnant with Joy
by KJ Hannah Greenberg

Inspiration Piece

Banners of happiness slip, iridescent nacre,
Between aureate columns, muguet de bois,
Pikaki. Our personal adytons prove more
As hearts’ private greenhouses do prevail.

Consider wooly-muzzled, wild ponies,
Brinking on iridule thresholds, sniffing
Freedom, chuffing ‘til somnambulating
Wastrels, vertigo in countenance, guffaw.

Rarely, given heliotrope, are feral letters
Assembled, strung together from outland
Sentiments, seasons beyond sun, snow, rain.
Fragrant purples bloom no haptic solutions.

Inimitable nature flowers sporadically,
‘Causing enriched adults to involve
In citreous parallels, to commit beauty,
To struggle free collecting hierophants.

Most snows fall in soft, white platelets.
After hills darken, precious few auras,
Or triptyches of the same, can continue;
Stygian industries, pulp, feathers, invade.

Regrettably, “affection” means “date,”
“Rape,” “glaciation’s Marcngo Phase,”
Some periods of peroration’s elevation,
Which aren’t magic, quiet, or restorative.

Myth’s revered places unexpectedly
Calm. Scaling sky-crowned mountains
Stays dangerous. Canines jeopardize.
Central heating will break repeatedly.

Beyond most big cities’ clinics,
Fancies create everlasting presences
Sufficient to frame providence.
Elsewise, foppish valents eke it out.

Readings, book launches, conferences,
Pledge not returning to quislings’ bounty.
Everyday word worlds maybe swell
More than transportation ought demand.

Budding apart, great truth tellers
Float grand depths on vital issues,
Lose weight, hold smart phones,
Grow no exhilaration or gravidity.


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  1. Posted December 8, 2013 at 7:42 pm | #

    The poem and the image both have so much texture and detail. I could pore over them for hours and it would feel like a minute.