KJ Hannah Greenberg and Jules Rolfe

Jules Rolfe
Inspiration Piece

Patterning with Holes
By KJ Hannah Greenberg


Openwork fabric, patterned with holes, like many friendships,
Adds zing, zest, notice, accent, perhaps umph to life’s daily dress.
Whereas gold oakleaf might not be necessary for all courses,
Needle plus thread, together, attach fruits, fancies, fantasies, fun.
Turned from bone, bobbin lace, that stuff of profuse detail,
Fine ground, outlined archetypes, reminds us small matters count.

Anything that keeps us tatting the knots, loops, threads of exchange
Making us join, continue on, harmonize, appreciate, employ conversation,
Potentially, arranges dissimilar filaments, while enticing, ensnaring,
Noosing us toward showy, nearly attractive ways, means, routes of union.
Consider that diaphanous, “wedding ring fine” heirloom knitting,
Fashioned from joy, embellished memories, ornate strings, fuses persons.

Sure, contemporary, chemical similitudes, when fully mechanized,
Suggest essential heritage, but linger, thereafter, bereft of solid harmony,
Original sparks, or companionship build from silk, bliss, gold, silver.
Simple fees purchase no lasting love. Synthetic decorations wind nothing.
As per whitework, recall deletions hurt, no mater the embroidery.
Routing designs through hoops, hamster wheels, yields flaws, fault, folly.

In balance, not all ribbon becomes Chantilly; some folks fall together
Without ever touching, without sharing words. They struggle hours, years,
Long since having given up mature values. Larking, instead, vague
Curios as so much jumbled pettiness, reason to fight, to enlarge distances.
Successfully fostering hearts demands accounting of fibers, twists,
Finishes. Sloppy handling best results in lovers knots; worst, loose ends.


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  1. Posted December 8, 2013 at 7:44 pm | #

    Almost like the words grew out of the image physically. The two works converse with one another. Lovely!