Uma Gowrishankar and Christina Brockett

Uma Gowrishankar- Dragonfly

Response piece

Christina Brockett- Dragonfly

Inspiration piece


I drift on the air. Again, I search for you.

There you are, standing alone by the water. The breeze that carries me combs through your hair. You look down and trace a figure eight in the white sand darkened by the most recent wave. You bite your lip as you have done since you were a child. I miss that, my Little One.

Unnoticed, I fly by. My clear wings struggle against the wind, but I am able to see your face, your eyes. Although you are staring out at the calm waters stretched before you, your eyes instead reflect a raging storm.

My time on this plane is coming to a close. Again I will return to a being of light. But I struggle once more to reach out to you, my Little One.

The salt laden breeze abates and I circle again. Deliberately I drift down, landing on the soft hair of your arm. My sheer wings are made visible by a thin, dark outline. My iridescent green body shimmers with the diminishing light of the day.

Looking down, you see me. The ends of your mouth curl in the slightest of smiles.

Momentarily your blue eyes reflect calmness, rather than the tempest that I know has been plaguing you.

Your thoughts drift off to our other encounters this week. You know it was not by chance.

I don’t have much time before the wind once again tears me from you and I return to the light. I will try one last time to impart my message.

“Little One, look beyond the surface and follow your heart. You have the strength to achieve that which brings you joy. This joy will bring you peace. I love you.”

A gust swoops in, and I am pulled from you towards the mountains of clouds above. You watch me until I am no longer seen. With that, I disappear again into the light of the setting sun unsure if my message was heard.