Jules Rolfe and Sukia

Inspiration piece

By Jules Rolfe


Tears have the same salt as seawater
When I ride among the trains and bees and buses
listening to the clack-n-clack
dizzying myself to yellow-black-yellow of watching
the track and the road rush by,
I swim with the whales

When I fly high through the sea of the sky
and shoot past the moon bearing North home–to the stars,
I am the flash of the bluebird in winters’ weeds
Hidden in the stillness of the road side

When I drift through the stream of shoppers
thinking Consume! Consume! Consume!
I am the little fry letting the river carry me
to quiet waters among the tree roots

When I am high in the swirl of pigment and words
living in the brush stroke, carved by shadow
living in the forgiveness of unforgiving code,
I am the mythical dragon curling ’round itself like a lover

I let go. My hair flying behind
battering my face and slapping my sides
the wind branding my cheeks pink and
closing my ears to all other sound
I lift my arms and float, following the path of a feather
and return to the totem

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  1. Posted December 4, 2015 at 3:45 pm | #

    Jules and Sukia work well together.