KJ Hannah Greenberg and Jules Rolfe

Jules Rolfe
Inspiration piece

Peach Pit Bridges
By KJ Hannah Greenberg


Stacking bits, pits of our lost decade’s
Nights spent wondering on preserving
Memories, can’t bring that time again.

Those truths of husks, shells, glumes,
Such leftover recollections augment,
Strengthen few abandoned moments.

Glancing back yields no newborn suns,
Guarantees no former joys will, perhaps,
Eclipse today, then, linger, elsewise stay.

Nursery songs remain standing, hanging
‘round this parent’s head, lodging solid
Rinds, reordering, and blighting bygones.

Today, you’re married, set with child.
I suck, thus, at piled seeds, arils, hulls,
Gleaning fruit from stone, once more.

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