Kathleen Finn Jordan
and Sharon A. Murphy

Sharon A. Murphy
Inspiration Piece

Wheels Down
By Kathleen Finn Jordan


Why me ?  as fate points its indelible finger
Perhaps wrong finger, perhaps pointing wrong way
Feelin’ small and trapped
Just a speck the city rising
Above, beyond, around
Busses, trucks, jammed traffic wheels within wheels
As things move outside the wheels and traffic jams
Don’t block the box frustration mounts
Fire hydrant to quench rising road rage as one waits
Unable to move, immobile in the moving city
Movin’ around that is
while one sits and waits for obstructions to be cleared
wishing for bird like flight or super hero jump car into air madness
Music helps but still the eyes fraught seeking a space to escape
Dreaming of video game magic to compress and soar,
to leap and lunge airborne
Perhaps a metaphor for life in these times.


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