Tyson West and
Elizabeth Stelling

Tyson West

Entertaining Your 60s
By Elizabeth Stelling
Inspiration Piece

Do you ever miss the simpler days
one room baggage among crumpled beds

war plots over bad coffee on every street
corner rats played trump cards

when neglectful four in the mornings
dragged on a stack of books

perky rabbit ears waiting in the afternoon
no one cared what your mode of transportation

washrooms are no more
no less than the sculleries they represented

crap piles up; trips to foreign countries, magazines
picked up in airports, trinkets, once gifts

are at odds lying about with little or more sentiment
everything has at least one or more dark secret

within its refuse
showrooms built with coffinesque façade

gloomy corners behind every piece
dark furniture house the lost under

plastic covers, frilly useless pillows
only on termless nights do they speak

the peace.

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