Elizabeth Stelling
and Tyson West

Tyson West
Inspiration piece

Just Let Sleeping Dogs Lie
by Elizabeth Akin Stelling

It’s gone quiet this afternoon
like all others on the late
no lasting days of pit-patter rain.
With that, taste is thrown out the window
a home owner displays a rare
long-bodied dachshund throw,
across the back of the couch.

It speaks warm with the sun flowing
across a yellow sofa, and
through the front window.
After a long harsh winter across
the entire us continent.
A welcome site for neutrals zones.

Maybe the family pet meant lots,
so much so, his favorite print
blanket lays beside him.
There is a love for animals
marked across social media,
over nighter stays for the critters,
and it is possible there’s a market

for designer faux man’s best friends.
It screams cuddle up and stay awhile,
and the silence says it all.
Pooper scoopers are a thing of the past.
If the neighbors take a gander,
their likely to dub this place—
a dog-gone no tell motel.

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