KJ Hannah Greenberg
and Rusty Lynn

Rusty Linn
Inspiration piece

Media Shamans
By KJ Hannah Greenberg

Ancient traditions, i.e. timeworn “healing” charms,
Like sidecars on motorcycles, don’t truly pilot.
Damaging, controlling totems, though, remain
Sufficiently formidable to ruin directors’ careers,
To fashion the next, best, most big-ticket starlet,
Crown Internet royalty, award homage to small
Screen piranhas, raise the stakes on movie heroes.

Beyond the power of plastic surgery’s black magic,
Olden spirits, ghouls of a sort, also hajduks a plenty,
Promote the ones they like best; weathergirls, techs,
On-air personalities, politicians, maybe scene shifters.
Broadcastings of dreams, visions, merely get revealed
When spirit guides, like Ecstasy or cocaine, whisper
Hidden “truths” to other nobodies channel surfing.

Many etheogens, all electronic hustle, cluster between
County fair tents, work to web souls in non-rhotic bits,
Spout, elsewise hold sway, over tired game show gongs,
Nightly news anchors, music video’s roosters, producers.
Extra feathers and rattles, as presented by chaos medicine,
Try redressing esoteric surrounds twisted by large mirrors,
Sell flatulence fixes, broccoli recipes, perhaps sundry jobs.

Given this generation’s latest breakthroughs, its catharsis,
Possibly, we need no grand occult-style sharing of credit,
No conjurors’ fingers. The time for vigils, fasting, vision
Quests might well be over; few disfigured leaders among
The privileged temporarily surface, care to vindicate any
Common knowledge of things of indeterminate number,
Except when our effusive mouthpieces deign to shut up.


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