Lauren Rutten and Kamika Cooper

Lauren Rutten
Radiant Morning Sisters
Sister Morning

By Kamika Cooper

I woke up with you on my mind this morning, Sister Morning 
and as the sun kissed my cheeks with its radiant warmth 
it reminded me of your unyielding love and your radiant spirit
 yes, you are the core of radiance setting me aflame with your inspiration encouraging me to burnandburnandburnon to keeponkeeponkeepinon and

I thank you for your air and your earth

I woke up today with you in mind, Sister of Sisters Mourning
 and I realized I have never known a love like this, a connection like this, support like this 
so grateful for the water you pour when I am overheated with frustration 
when I am chained down with too much information, you are always that blue healing beacon that woman-lovin woman-centered woman grounding me and

I’ve just got to say, just want to profess

I awakened with you in mind, Sister Morning Soul, Ms. Morning Heart of Gold shining your light and beating your drums and singing your songs, Sister, go on! just like you do each morning, Sister Radiance, Queen of Earth Cadence
 waking each and everyone around you just like the morning sun
I must admit that, damn, your morning brilliance has me a little spun, Sister Morning





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