Marilyn Ackerman and Channie Greenberg

“Butterfly Palm” by Marilyn Ackerman
Mixed media on canvas
Response to:

Asiatic Arecas, inspiration piece 

By © KJ Hannah (Channie) Greenberg

Asiatic arecas, all lambent in the sun,

Tall stepstools to celestial balls,
Inclusive to a one,
Bring a susurrus of social gaffes.

We laugh at adolescent acts,
At glugging, snorting, plus igniting.
We point at awkward dramas’ casts
Stare toward shy jilliken girls.

If plinths, glasses, mallets would not whirl,
Like merry-go-round riders,
There’d be no fear of injury, no trees birled;
Just here, there, somewhere, confused denizens.

So to modern party scenes, such gatherings, amen.
Pugnacity among glittery, costly, confettied props,
Brings troubles now and then, when
Healthier behavior models seem lacking.

Certain friends console hosts’ hacking
Desired peacemaking skills,
Offer up cajeput’s or weed’s backing
To cover up their fun.


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