Alyscia Cunningham and Tracey Riehl

Tracey Riehl
Inspiration piece

Alyscia Cunningham

As I walk through the valley,
My mind signals rally,
Deliberating COMBAT for countless of tallies.

Mind wars turned gloomy,
High hopes parted through me,
Alone was the STANCE seen bloomy.

Injustice arise,
Fear silenced the cries,
Flocks are PARTING on high.

Feeling the weight,
Still rejecting the bait,
Strong-willed STOOD led by fate.

I thought all along,
Courage diminished the song,
But the ONLY held strong.

What I thought was unseen,
Cleared a passage, changed the theme,
For OTHERS to revive their dream.

Turning for a glance around,
Revealed a path lined in brown,
PAVING the way for firm ground.

The green shrubs around me,
Kept my focus unboundly,
Weaving PATHWAYS of difference profoundly.

And the rays brightly beaming,
On the journey now gleaming,
DIRECTION for those once seeming.



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