Anne Rutland and Jonathan Ottke

Jonathan Ottke
On the Bridge”
Inspiration piece

Night Trains
By A.S.Rutland

standing room only
strap hanging
phone gazing
swaying with the rocking train

gazing at the light strings
slowly unwinding
on the bridge across the water.

Yet another trip over the Charles
at Storrow Drive
alone with her reflection

back when she still believed
in the romance of other lives
seen from a distance —

crowded cars popping down the highway
to parties or dinner and drinks
a Christmas tree on a roof rack
carted by a loving family, mom, dad, kids,
home from the woods.

Higher above,
the interiors of multi-storied apartments
figures crossing spaces
cozy and secure, at home

and somewhere, a version of happiness.



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  1. Posted December 6, 2016 at 3:41 pm | #

    I usually don’t comment, but Jonathan and A.S. did a fantastic job. I lived in Boston so I’m familiar with the T as it’s now called. I knew it in my time as just the subway.