Diane Mayr and Leslie Grollman

Diane Mayr
“Sock Ideologies”

my heart fell out  /  an aftermath
By Leslie Grollman
Inspiration piece

Because Zachary Schomburg’s poem ‘Haircuts’ & the performance of it at Poetry Press Week 2016

it lay on the floor oozing in sorrow-gauze afterbirth  /  I made a swaddle from my socks,  held it like newborns need  /  its right atrium suckled my left breast  /  the heart was thirsty  /  it drank milk that wasn’t there  /  its beat, a pier column  /  its rhythm, dragon-boat’s paddles  /  it hummed    a tune from one of its lives  /  like a jig its feet would move to  /  if it were in a cavity that had feet  /  it burped  /  from its left ventricle   /  I swear it looked at me  /  a mouthless smile  /  it used to not  /  smile much  /  like that time  //  it flew into my chest  /   we cried a bit    at the reunion?    maybe,  I’m not sure  /  on the train?  /  yeah, it was on the train  /  a man in the seat across from us    me    his eyes, ‘huh?’  /  the little boy next to him  /  he knew  /  he knew he saw  //  the night like sparklers  /  conversations vied for the spotlight  /  he knew what he saw  //  I fell asleep and  I was rollerblading

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