Leslie Grollman and Diane Mayr

Diane Mayr
Inspiration piece

By Leslie Grollman


We will meet in a café     you will be studying

For an exam, it looks like, astronomy

My intent deep into a notebook

You will ask to borrow the paper sitting on the unused chair

There will be an animation

An interest         who are you

We will stare through our coffee

I will ask to borrow the paper back as you ready to leave

You will ask me what I am doing

I will share that I am writing snippets of conversation

To use later maybe if I find I need a spark

I need one now,  I will not say

I will wonder what you feel like next to me

Skin folding into skin sweat-sharing in a quest for salt

You will hand me the paper saying there are interesting articles

I will pretend to care    I will pretend

To have a conversation about them

I will want to know about meteors how close they can come to earth

Before doing harm to the sky

You will meander to the beach

My pen will pretend to write my shallow breath haunting the page

I will watch you cross over wooden slats on the hill

My zephyr will pause at the railing’s shadow

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  1. Posted December 4, 2016 at 2:06 pm | #

    What a great collaboration! A beautiful response.