Leslie Grollman and Heitzi Epstein

Heitzi Epstein
“Golden With Aqua Hair”

Inspiration piece

I Remember
By Leslie Grollman


I remember there was a face in the sky and it grieved
I remember the pillow, wet as the sun rose
I remember dark chocolate like your eyes
I remember riding a pink elephant
I remember being the chain mail and the banner of heaven
I remember riding the pink elephant as it crushed your village
I remember closing the book
I remember digging the hole and burying you
…I remember drowning in its mud
I remember riding through a raincloud
I remember being the blue paint on Leonardo’s brush
I remember being the stake you burned on and the match and the one who lit it
I remember being the prayer wheel
…I remember you spinning it
I remember being the sound of the bowl
I remember the holding
I remember that cry
I remember being the way the earth spun before we came
I remember the first step
I remember the town’s pleas
I remember the way we could all fly until men with robes condemned it
I remember the pen      and the paper
I remember seeds
I remember being the mast and the moans from below
I remember blindness
I remember being the rain in the desert
…I remember being the desert
I remember being unkind
I remember being the song he sang on his fifth birthday
I remember being the wooden plank you walked
I remember being the root that took hold
I remember that taste
I remember being an aleph
I remember the door closing
…I remember being the door
I remember dimming
I remember the wildflowers on the roof of the mountain
I remember being the silence of snowfall
I remember the snowfall singing
I remember the towel dropping
I remember being the scar
…I remember scarring
I remember the wine and the words and the wonder

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