Heitzi Epstein and Leslie Grollman

Heitzi Epstein

To Touch The Buffalo
By Leslie Grollman
Inspiration piece

To touch the buffalo
Is to touch the plains
To touch the plains
Is to touch the ancestors
To touch the ancestors
Is to invoke the fire
To invoke the fire
Is to burn what’s dead
To burn what’s dead
Is to find an opening
To find an opening
Is to find a pool
To find a pool
Is to scale the bottom
To scale the bottom
Is to lift the rock
To lift the rock
Is to not give up
To not give up
Is to find a key
To find a key
Is to see a lock
To see a lock
Is to grow a vine
To grow a vine
Is to ride its fruit
To ride its fruit
Is to be the earth
To be the earth
Is to know my life.

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