Darice Jones and Brigitte Nowers

Brigitte Nowers
Inspiration Piece


By Darice Jones

There were sparkly little insights she had now that she didn’t then
At this point, they seemed to tether her spirit to the center of things
The insights would pop up, quick, like grass in the fertile grounds of Northern California after a light rain
They also hung in the air like the mass of water floating above the trees on that one orphic path
You know, the one that the people in their late teens and early twenties were too spooked to walk down
She tried to hold her new understandings in place, believing that was the best way to honor her growth
But in that way life can be, the insights would immediately camouflage themselves, hiding in the details of her days
Hiding in her daydreaming while driving, her doodling, her friends and family, her work
Color blending into color
Confusing the issue
But the knowing, hiding itself in plain sight inspired her to keep going all day long until she tired herself out from the spiritual
scavenger hunt
Finally she would sleep
Slowly opening the dream portal
Climbing the ladder of many tints and tossing Ghanaian Adinkra symbols into the mouths of passing birds
Up, up to where her many grandmothers lived in deep consciousness
Pineal parents who planted pink seeds so they could watch her divine love flourish
At night they poured celestial buckets of shimmering green water over her and blew new songs onto her skin
“It’s better to have an inkling, my dear daughter, than to think you know for sure.”
They’d said that to her many times over the years, but she could not remember it when she woke up
Only the hint of a doorway
A glow that she could enter in the lean times
And breathing so deep that it seemed to create whole worlds

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