Jonathan Ottke
and Amy Ludwig VanDerwater

Jonathan Ottke

By Amy Ludwig VanDerwater
Inspiration piece

In my mind I keep a cupboard
full of bottles on a painted shelf
Each one holds a memory.
I made these bottles by myself.

Today a red-winged blackbird
stole my heart as he flashed by
so I opened up a bottle
to his orange flash and to the sky.

I mixed the bird with berries
to create a Snip of June.
and placed this Summer bottle
near a gleaming Vial of Moon.

I treasure these small bottles.
See, a person cannot know
when she will need Old Moonlight
or to taste a Bite of Snow.

I made a Laughter Bottle.
I have bottled Grandpa’s Kiss.
So I can visit memories
and moments that I miss.


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