Donna JT Smith and Jennifer Fendya

Jennifer Fendya
Inspiration piece

Up on the Roof
By Donna JT Smith

I danced on the rooftop

One day in the sun,

Until a plane came

And ended my fun;

Then poof went my top half,

Off came my head,

Yet somehow

My bottom half

Refused to be dead.

And even my arms

Continued to flail

Like I was calling all customers

To a big sale!

Someone tethered my jeans

To keep them from walking,

And people just passing

Couldn’t curtail their gawking.

Up on the roof

You will see, perchance,

Blue jeans against sky

Where I used to dance.

With streetlights as footlights

I still gather great crowds –

My feet planted firmly,

My head in the clouds.

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