Jennifer Fendya and Donna JT Smith

Donna JT Smith
Inspiration piece

Red Roses
By Jennifer Fendya

I don’t like red roses
well, I don’t like getting them
from men and I never
know what to say if
I do. I assume they think

red roses are the ultimate
sign of passion, love or maybe
deep abiding commitment but
they just make me feel dead
inside or troubled and

I start to feel like crying, picturing
myself in my coffin, arms folded
across my chest, bad lipstick smeared
across my once chapped lips. So I
keep looking down at the roses and

try not to think about crushed
red velvet, the kind in old
theaters and movie houses and
the church I grew up in and
say “how beautiful” wondering if

I’ll quell the impulse to throw them
out long before they wither.


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  1. Posted January 23, 2020 at 9:46 am | #

    Beautiful and honest words.
    Do not conform. Feel what you feel.