Amy Ludwig VanDerwater
and Jan Irene Miller

Jan Irene Miller
Inspiration piece

Dear Cow
By Amy Ludwig VanDerwater

Dear Cow,

I still dream about you. It may not make sense,
but some days for some reason I smell that fall air.
We each stood on opposite sides of a fence,
your eyes and my eyes sealed tight in a stare.
For one wondrous heartbeat and still even now,
it seemed you could read every thought in my mind.
You became human. Or I became cow.
Over rusty barbed wire, our lives intertwined.
Then something or someone, perhaps just a fly,
broke the spell. It was over. We both looked away.
And of all of my memories, I do not know why,
if I could choose one to relive and replay
it would be our shared stare when I lived in your eyes
when you silently taught me the meaning of wise.

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