Amy Moffitt and Chandra Achberger

Chandra Achberger
Inspiration piece

By Amy Moffitt

You may forget me,

(you have, in so many ways

and so many times

forgotten me so completely)

but I will never forget you…


kneeling in the graveyard

with your tracing paper

using black charcoal

to copy the stones.


I walked some distance away

and contemplated you,

long legs folded to the earth,

long arms making moving white lines

against the dark green of

the graveyard bushes.


The wind blew,

(or at least I think it did),

and though I know that at that moment

(as in every moment of my life)

I carried shame for what I was not

and disappointment with the world


I remember this as perfection,

the most beautiful and pure expression

of whom we would always truly be,


you the quiet artist, with the eye for the other,

me the driver, helping you

and standing back on the side of the hill,

holding my breath,

in awe of you.


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  1. Posted September 14, 2020 at 2:39 pm | #

    “Always” is way more than I can take.