Jonathan Ottke and Kamika Cooper

Jonathan Ottke
Pen, ink, paper

Ancestral Mantra
By Kamika Cooper
Inspiration piece

we hope you live
we hope you thrive
we hope you find the strength
to fight and speak your mind
we hope you soar
no matter clear or cloudy skies
and that the dreams you dream
awaken you with pride

may you be patient
may you be kind
may you give more than
what you take from the divine
everything given
will be returned to you in time
but hold on tight
it’s going to be a bumpy ride

we wish you laughter
we wish you grace
we wish you safety as you
travel on your way
don’t you ever
regret the path you take
and if you fall just
get back up and try again

may you always feel our love despite your pain

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