Channie Greenberg
and Urmilla Khanna

Channie Greenberg
“Cool Copper Coin”

By Urmilla Khanna
Inspiration piece

A cool copper coin in the palm of my hand

I toss it in the air. If it lands on heads

I smile.

It is going to be a good day, I say

If it rolls on edge, hesitates, then gently rests as tails,

I shudder to think of what lies ahead.

Divinity, however, is all the same.


It is the cool copper coin in the palm of my hand

It knows no difference between the imprint on its head, nor that on its tail

It is the cool copper coin in the palm of my hand.

I traverse my circle of life,

pause when the coin rolls on its side

It is that pause where I experience my samskaras,

the deep impressions imprinted on my brain

the experiences of long, long ago

I perceive them as heads or I perceive them as tails

They are nothing but impartial imprints on my brain.

Some I see, others I merely feel

Like the warmth of the womb or the cool breeze that sweeps over the coals

of a cremation pyre

I live through them all just the same

Equanimity, you are the cool copper coin in the palm of my hand



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