Lisa Nielsen and Jay Young Gerard

Jay Young Gerard
Inspiration piece

I‎ Felt Something, For A Minute
By Lisa Nielsen

Me half smiling, layering out my scars like pinafores,‎
You leave your fingerprints on me. Go ahead,‎
let the world think I am being held hostage

Meandering from table to table, many shots of bourbon in
gaiety on full blast –‎
You’re here to celebrate the prize

Is this better than being a rapturous side piece?‎
Getting to mingle and nod at those appreciative glances,‎
Half smile again, let them guess

This will never be a bloodletting of my soul, it’s not that, ‎
it’s not anything so dramatic, this is a trickle down to-do, ‎
brooding though I may be, I feel safer here than the streets, ‎
with just enough adoration and resentment

Once upon a time I was an elongated grin for picture day, ‎
wearing that magenta pantsuit with the chiffon collar, ‎
I could have felt glamorous, but that wasn’t your way

Hairbrush to my face when I wouldn’t sit still,‎
still hoping that today would be different

Memory makes its grand entrance again,‎
whispering “ready or not”. ‎

I tried so hard to get you love me


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