Jay Young Gerard and Lisa Nielsen

Jay Young Gerard

Regret to Desire
By Lisa Nielsen
Inspiration piece

I keep measuring beats but the song is the same

The water under the bridge is dark,‎
a brooding season of overthinking
catches me at a time when
my heart was eager to undermine me,‎
turn me to jello, ‎
carry me away to your hotel, ‎
where I would wait, ‎
each time the band rolled in

But, this face to face, ‎
a disappointing confirmation of what ‎
lingered between the lines of your late night txts;‎
those things you left out when you said your life is complicated.‎

I knew, but I was curious:‎
Was I willing to ‎
slide past regret to desire ‎
without holding a memory?‎


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