Fernanda Valentino and
Jone Rush MacCulloch

Jone Rush MacCulloch
“Glencoe, Scotland”
Inspiration piece

By Fernanda Valentino

Heavy clouds cascading
Looming low, they skim
And brush these emerald valleys
With winter’s thick, cold kiss.

Laden with burdens
The storm clouds linger, dense
Their damp and dewy fingers
Caress this desolate place.

Melancholy mornings
As sunlight struggles through
Each day another battle
For sunbeams, pale and new.

What is this lonely, far-flung place?
What does this small hut ponder?
What secrets does it hide?
What memories dwell inside?

Let the clouds become nostalgic
And the darkness dissipate
To reveal the face of Spring
Impart her warm embrace.

This isolation’s fleeting
The time must surely come
When the soothing voice of Spring
Whispers “Welcome home.”

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One Comment

  1. Posted December 11, 2022 at 10:39 am | #

    Jone, this is such an amazing photo of contrasts – the harsh mountains to the lush valley, the gray to greens, the light and dark. In response, Fernanda, the poem is full words that bring out the beauty there, both the heaviness and the lightness.
    Loved hearing “melancholy”, “soothing”, “desolate” and “nostalgic”…all worked together so well. Thanks both!