Juleen Johnson and Missy Lambert

Juleen Johnson

Ragged Heart Song
By Missy Lambert
Inspiration piece

Can’t see where you are now
nothing familiar, lost in your own house.
Your grip is slipping, no foothold to be found
And before you find a way out,
You’ll want to light it up
And burn the whole thing down.

Foundations crumbling, walls pushing forth
Every stone falling is Mystery calling,
“Hello? Are you home?”
Every stone falling is Mystery calling,
“Can you get to the door?”

Seems there’s nothing left to lose now
So just sing your ragged heart out
Listen to the echoes follow the rebounds.
Sing your ragged heart out
At home with the Mystery, the most sacred place to be now.
Sing your ragged heart out,
Listen to the echoes, follow the rebound.

(inspired by Toko-Pa, Drop Your Maps 2014)


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