Kathleen Finn Jordan
and Missy Lambert

All of Us
Missy Lambert
Acrylic paints and colored pencils
on birch wood panel
Inspiration piece

All of Us
By Kathleen Finn Jordan

Fused and linked and born and died
Blood and bones and sky and tide
Mountains tall and climbers high
Fish and fowl trees reaching nigh
Breathing growing intertwining
Life as one the universe
Part and parcel all connected
One huge whole of planet terse
Some aware of these connections
Others blind though truth does spark
Light and dark and color sprinkled
Day and night the song of Lark
Life eternal all around us
Skin and fur and bud and bloom
Joy of living all of matter
All together neath sun and moon
Glorious planet heaving flying
Celebrations ring throughout
Renewal constant promise ever
All life sparking north and south
All of us all blessed and sacred
All of us together chained
Each of us needing each other
Love the binding that honors, tames.


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