KJ Hannah Greenberg
and Jonathan Ottke

Jonathan Ottke
Inspiration piece

Acorns’ Circumflexes
By KJ Hannah Greenberg

Nature’s diacritics often are expressed using fallen leaves, scattered seeds,
Detritus that was once proximate, sloughed bark. Heed these prominences!
Inter alia, life’s not meant for ratcheting up records. Rather, we’re tasked to
Protect planet, creatures, green allies, forge ahead kindly, humbly, graciously
Whether we’re windward or leeward of material accomplishments. Relying on
Interoception never disappoints. Nonexistence self-care endures as insalubrious.
In addition, it’s perspicuous that merely observing self-reflections in carryings-on
Causes short-sightedness. We ought to, instead, festoon like bees, rebuild the world.
Let’s not pass time inured to hate, spillage, spoilage, similarly, elects’ greenwashing.
Air, water, land entreat, by way of diminutive enunciations, that we engender amends.



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