Lisa Bloom and Tora Estep

Tora Estep
“Ruddy Crow”

Inspiration piece

Night Mood
By Lisa Bloom

I listen for his coos
and wait for oxygen.
He signals his next move,
then I’m at peace again.

Then he turns on the night
like a faucet, tidal
and unrelenting, right
as I hit survival

mode. Dressed in tails, as though
we’re at a party, late
into the evening glow,
he takes my hand. Deflate

my lungs, I’m begging him.
I draw him into my
airspace, a moonlit swim
inside this mind. I sigh

and trace my finger through
the onyx mood. He’s just
a hologram, a clue,
a vision, soon to dust.

Is it all a disguise?
I’ll scream at the sky
until we’re wrapped in blue
atmosphere, and brand new.


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