Tora Estep and Lisa Bloom

Tora Estep
“Golden Cocoon”
Acrylic on paper

Morning Plea
By Lisa Bloom
Inspiration piece

I skipped my morning lecture, you were wrapped
within my golden quilt’s cocoon, I chose
to stay there too. You stretched your legs, your toes
brushed past my shins. A budding lily, trapped

in glass and city water, lightly tapped
by sunlight, sat behind us. You proposed
I skip my morning lecture, you were wrapped
around my will. I couldn’t much oppose

your crinkled face’s plea to stay. I mapped
my breathing’s frequency to yours, then closed
my eyes, dismissed my conscience, not imposed
by rueful thoughts of plans and schedules scrapped.
I skipped my morning lecture. You were wrapped
around my will, and I could not oppose.


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