Bonnie Lebesch and Cat Ross

Bonnie Lebesch
“Ed McMahon said ‘yes,’ but I said no”
Acrylic on panel

“Ed McMahon said ‘yes,’ but I said no.”
By Cat Ross

Inspiration piece

Please count up my frustrations,
calculate and tabulate them
until my perspective is nothing but a glare in your hindsight.

Please don’t count on me to save you
from the stifling, smothering
future you borrowed, as your misfortune is inevitable.

I want you to remember this;
the stares, the twinkle in my scowl,
the specks that make everything luxurious and easy on you.

So stay, feed your soliloquy,
slowly, slowly disappear, and
please, please don’t worry about knocking me down or lifting me up.

I will count on you to always,
always let me down, but I won’t
ever hold it against you – especially if you ask me to.



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