Janet Yandik and Phyllis Weissman


Janet Yandik


Phyllis Weissman

Inspiration Piece

In a far off planet called Equinox, Yvette Autumnal Silver Moon quickly dressed in her beautiful attire.  Her ‘Warrior’ husband Adam would be arriving in an hour. 
  As the fair and loving leader of her planet, Princess Moonbeam as she was called had brought peace, contentment and harmony to Equinox and all planets in the Galaxy of Celeste.  Her partner in this prestigious endeavor was Adam Vernal Sun, the love of her life since she was fourteen and he was sixteen.
  Adam who was Princess Moonbeam’s partner in the mantra all things are possible, was the Warrior who had not warred and instead through love and patient understanding had, at her side, brought peace to a region that had been at war for centuries.
  Tonight, there would be a glorious celebration of life.  Moonbeam and Warrior would be together from this day forth, and never again have to know the pain of separation.  They would wait a year, and then start a family.
  Moonbeam looked at herself in her mirror and smiled.  Warrior would adore the way she looked. He loved her petite and curvy stature and her rose-hued skin tone. Warrior enjoyed running his fingers through her silver curls that were now held back by tanzanite clips that matched her eyes. Moonbeam was wearing all of the tanzanite jewelry that Adam had brought for her 27th birthday and the royal purple chiffon dress with matching sandals that was her second anniversary gift.  “I look beautiful!” she thought and smiled.  “Adam says that I’m always beautiful to him.  How I miss him when he’s away.”
  Suddenly there was a knock on the door. Expecting one of her helpers she said:  “Enter please!” and then her mouth dropped open. There stood her beloved Warrior.  He was early and oh so welcome.  Running into his arms, Moonbeam felt overwhelmed by joy.  When they kissed shockwaves reverberated through their bodies.  Adam kicked the door shut behind him and hit the lock button on the door.
  “You look beautiful my Moonbeam.  It is truly a shame that you’ll have to redo your makeup and put on your clothes once again.   Three months is much too long a time to be without you.”
  Their love making was frenzied and quick and then slow and gentle savoring every moment.  Later as they lay entwined in each other’s arms they spoke of the future and having a family.
  Adam and his princess were royally late to the gala welcoming Adam home.  Everyone ate, drank, danced and enjoyed the varied and wonderful dancers and musicians.  They all rejoiced Adam’s homecoming.
  The next 18 months flew by and now Moonbeam and her Warrior were expecting twins: a boy and a girl.  The Planet Equinox celebrated each day with love and enthusiasm awaiting the birth, and when the day finally arrived cries of complete and utter wonder were heard loud and clear throughout the galaxy.
  The Sun and Moon family continued to take charge of the well-being of Equinox for many generations to come and their mantra anything is possible was the key to love, peace, joy and success among the inhabitants of Celeste and throughout the galaxy.


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