Janet Yandik and Phyllis Weissman



Inspiration piece

Dreams Do Come True!

Phyllis Weissman

 Drea Carnes woke up terrified, her heart pounding out of her chest, her body drenched in sweat, her blond curls stuck to her head and face. She had had it!  It was the same nightmare every night for a month.  In it, Drea was being chased by an unknown source and her white horse Snow was running as fast as he could; the strange thing was that she was in full riding gear, white jodhpurs and turtle neck and black coat, boots and riding hat. The words in her dream were still there. “Hurry, Snow, hurry, he can’t catch us.” 
  Drea looked at her clock.  It was 6:30am on a Saturday in April and she knew the sun had risen in South Beach so she got up and toweled off and put on her workout clothes.  Drea grabbed her gym bag that contained a change of clothes, a swimsuit, an extra set of keys, some cash and her Palm estate picture ID  and she went next door to the huge clubhouse to run the track, and then swim.
  Usually on a Saturday morning people did not drift into the clubhouse until after 10am and Drea expected to be alone.  Standing at the beginning of the track was a man.  The handsome stranger who was was six feet four inches tall with dark brown hair and midnight blue eyes smiled at her. He had a great physique and was wearing a royal blue muscle shirt and matching running shorts.
  “Good morning, pretty lady, I just moved in yesterday.  My name is Cameron Macintosh…Cam to my friends.  I really didn’t expect to see anyone else here this early on a Saturday. Want to run the track with me?  You’re tall enough to keep up.
  Cam then gave Drea a very sexy once over.  Drea was used to being ogled as she was six feet with long legs and a killer body.  Her curly red-blond hair and emerald green eyes added into the mix and made her truly stunning.
  “Hi Cam, I’m Drea Carnes.  It’s nice to meet you.  Sure I’ll run with you.”
“Are you Drea Carnes, the romance writer?” Cam asked excitedly.
“Yes, I am.  Have you read my books?”
“I most definitely have, my twin sister turned me on to them.  Now romantic intrigue and psychological thrillers are my two favorite genres.  Your characters are so real and the mystery plots are great.  When’s your next one coming out?”
  Drea sighed, “I have to get the finished script to my editor next week and the nightmares I’ve been having for a month now have given me a kind of writer’s block.”
Cam looked into Drea’s eyes, sincerity was written all over his face.
 “Drea let’s run for a mile and take a swim and then we’ll go to breakfast and you can give me all the details about the dream so I can help you.  Is that okay with you?”
  “That sounds great Cam!”
  Two hours later they sat down at B. B.’s the breakfast and lunch cafe at their condo.  Drea felt very much at home with Cam.  She had learned that he was a prodigy, a software developer and filthy rich.  He worked from home like she did and that his sister and his parents lived close by in Miami as her family did.
  As Drea told Cam of her dream he listened intently. He then proceeded to ask if she had had any threats or had called the police.  The first answer was no, the second was yes. The police had told her if any real threats were made then they could do something.”
  “I’m moving into your spare bedroom, Drea.  You’re talking to a geek who is highly trained in martial arts and I’m not going to let anything happened to you.” Cam declared emphatically.
  “Cam we just met.  What makes you think that I’d let that happen?”
  “Check me out, Drea!” Cam said as he handed her his Black Berry.  Call anyone on my phone list.”
  An hour later Drea had spoken to Cam’s mom and dad, his sister, Cali, his CPA, his pastor and his personal physician.  Drea turned and smiled at Cam.
“Okay, I’m convinced.  Where do you live in this huge complex?’
  When Cam gave her the address, Drea smiled broadly.
  “It was you who moved into the penthouse next door.” Drea said happily.  Cam just laughed.
  The night that Cam moved in, the nightmares ceased.  For the ensuing nine months they spent time going back and forth from one penthouse to another.  At the six month mark, they shared a bed and found that they were very compatible in that area as well.  At the one year anniversary of their first meeting Cam proposed and Drea accepted.  He flew everyone in both families and all of their friends to his home in The Caymans for their wedding.
  In the 60 years they were married, there was an abundance of love, fun and laughter.  Their twins Joey and Joanie said they were fated to be.  Their grandchildren Leila and Lyle said they were the coolest grandparents ever. Cam and Drea agreed with them.
Dreams do come true, you just have to coax then along.

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