Elizabeth Crawford and
Isabella Nazari

Isabella Nazari
Inspiration piece

Franny the Flamingo
By Elizabeth Crawford

Franny the Flamingo was quite the explorer. She loved boats and the ocean. Franny lived in Cancun, a place where every flamingo was happy. The sapphire blue sea glistened and gleamed which gave Franny immense pleasure. Franny peered through a dense fog cloud and spotted a little brown boat like a sitting duck in the water. Pondering the thought of having hands so she could drive the boat Franny skipped down the white sand beach. She watched the vessel rock in the steady currents of the waves. Franny already loved the boat. She could see that it was called the Cancun. “Probably after my home!” Franny thought happily. Then Franny kept walking and she walked into the sunset, importantly scanning over her imagination.



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