Marcia Russell and Diane Mayr

Play On
Diane Mayr

Inspiration Piece

Sonnet 1 – Play On!
Marcia Russell


If to my younger self I’d give advice –
Don’t waste a single moment in regret.
Be happy you are here, and here is nice,
And do your best to breath and not to fret.

Do hear and smell and taste and feel and see
The beauty that’s around you every day,
And sing and dance and laugh and hug – Be free
To open doors and peek inside, you may

The train it moves too fast sometimes, and so
It’s time to take a break and step away –
Be silent with your thoughts, and just let go;
Go take a walk outside – Do this each day.

The future’s next, the past has come and gone.
For now is now and all is good – play on!

Sonnet 1 - Play On
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